1. humanoidhistory:

    Red Army chemical warfare training in the Soviet Union, circa 1936. (via)

  3. staticcontrol:


    behind the scenes
    @ Le Poisson Rouge 
    New Yorks Alright 


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  4. joydivision84:

    "When I get loaded, I gotta go off!

    Don’t call it a safety
    Don’t call it half-cocked

    It’s more like an ashcan
    It’s more like a time bomb
    Its more like a stovepipe
    Colombian Necktie!”

  5. alexanderheir:

    Violence Begets Violence, 2013
    screen print on black paper

  6. ppsh-41:

    Red Army soldiers armed with SVT-40 semi-automatic rifles during a battle for one of the settlements within the city of Voronezh, October 1942.

  7. jimmylives:

    Rebel Without A Cause

  8. terrorshock:

    DiE at The Wick
    April 20 2014, New Yorks Alright


  9. thronesturnedtorust:

    in a subculture of sheep and fucking fools,
    thinking you’re the exception but ignorance is rule.
    privilege seeping from every fucking pore
    looking down on everyone and keeping fucking score.

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  11. seanfindley:

    black flag - slip it in

    "i kinda got a boyfriend"

    "no, no. this is happening. this is the time, now."

  12. Naomi Watts in Funny Games (2007)

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  14. out-offocus:

    S.H.I.T - Nobody Knows Anybody


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